Bettina Vermillon opens her first boutique experience in the heart of Paris

Bettina Vermillon is a daring and free woman wearing her stilettos with confidence. Above all, she is an imaginary person, created 3 years ago by the shoe designer Lorraine Archambeaud who hides behind this name to better express herself. After a few pop-up shops, we can finally discover her shoes with her trademark, aluminium soled heels, in a unique location where we feel at ease to walk around.L'étage Bettina - 5 rue du Chevalier de Saint George, Paris 8e.Interview with Lorraine Archambeaud:We wanted to allow our clients to see a 360° view of the brand, so we are putting ourselves out there a bit, with 300 squared meters surrounding a courtyard, similar to an apartment, they enter the room and are able to do a complete tour of the place as they would be able to do a tour of the brand so, they have access to all Bettina’s team, the stock department and the sales department. I also wanted this place to be a place of art, of design, a network for women and for private dinners.I think that today, women decide whether to wear heels, compared to, if I can say the, tidal wave of trainers. I think that women who buy a pair of trainers, buy them for themselves, because they want to be cool and feel good, and I would be the first to admit this, but from the moment we decide to wear a pair of heels, we stand up straight, we look at each other and something happens, I don’t know if you understand what I am saying but it’s in this sense. On the other hand, the brand promises to really allow women to move in their shoes.

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