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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Hélène Poulit-Duquesne, CEO of Boucheron

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Interview hélène poulit-duquesne :why is the best yet to come?i think the best is yet to come because all the crisis allow us to reinvent ourselves and are extremely conducive to creativity. as i often say to my executive committee,“never spoil a good crisis”. this is an important moment.we must make the most of it. how do we reinvent ourselves ?we have thought about our fundamental purpose, which is to beautify the world and spread love. we have put the values and personality traits of the house at the centre of our worries, which probably weren’t quite prominent enough, like empathy and generosity, and that will have an impact over the years, especially on our communication plan. a word to define the luxury of tomorrow?luxury brands are by definition inspiring houses. they are creators of dreams. they impose new trends. luxury, in essence, is an actor and must be an actor of change. what about a 100% digital world?the more the digital world is developed, the more the physical world & the in-store experience, will be important for the customer. it is no longer just about the products, it’s also a matter of emotions, experiences, feelings and memories that customers come to buy. how do you interpret “better - differently - less” in fashion?this crisis has put love and relationships with others at the centre of our daily concerns. the future of luxury will have to adapt to this, putting relationships with customers,emotions, and love, back at the centre of our strategies. a written word to define #lemeilleurestdevanthope