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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Thierry Wasser, Guerlain perfumer

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Interview thierry wasserwhy is the best yet to come?if you’re a little curious as to what’s ahead, it’s the unknown, which is always much more interesting that what is behind. how do we reinvent ourselves?before reinventing yourself, we must have already reinvented ourselves, and when you lead a life as a designer or artist, invention is daily. if you’re able to be committed and be in the spirit of the times, reinventing yourself is easy. can perfumery be a driver of change?perfumery can be a driver of change, why not. but why do we wear perfume? we do it for pleasure, for our wellbeing, to feel good. it’s also a way of introducing ourselves to others. perfume should be an asset in your daily life, so if you want to change your daily life, wear nice perfume. a word to define the luxury of tomorrow?luxury is time. time is an absolute luxury. what about a 100% digital world?a digital world is a dream world. i love it.how do you interpret “better-differently-less” in the creative process?the stress of better and less is a factor that develops creativity.what will constitute a luxury in the future?a customisable luxury is a bespoke luxury.what is your next challenge?it’s to survive. every day is a new challenge. #thebestisyettocome